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02 Dec 2010 Version 2.7.0 released !
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01 Dec 2010 Announcing our Partnership with Pyxis !
05 Nov 2010 Version 2.6.0 released !
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ProjectCards' Team

Benoit Ouellet

Benoit - Lead Dev

Benoit started coaching XP teams in 2000 and co-founded ProjectCards in 2002. His strong Agile background has provided invaluable insight when designing ProjectCards, creating a powerful tool that enables teams to efficiently plan their projects.

Jeff Theriault

Jeff - Product Owner

Jeff is a co-founder of ProjectCards. His passion for better software lead him towards the Agile world, both as a coach and as a developer. With over 10 years in the field, his knowledge is remarkeable through his dedication to ProjectCards.

Nicholas Lemay

Nicholas - Developer

Nicholas joined the ProjectCards team as an Agile developer in 2010. As a certified ScrumMaster, he brings with him his experience with Scrum, TDD and a constant quest for better software quality and a better user experience.

Patil Tatoulian

Patil - Marketing

Patil participates in the marketing strategy for ProjectCards. With over 7 years of marketing experience in communication agencies, Patil brings her expertise in media planning and multimedia advertising campaigns.

Myriam Samson

Myriam - Accounting

Myriam joined ProjectCards in 2007 as an administrative consultant and accountant. She has over 25 years of experience at managing in small companies.




"Planning with people in Berkeley, Alaska, and Toronto[...]

this is the simplest and coolest solution I've seen after years of experimenting with distributed planning tools."

- Joshua Kerievsky

Founder of Industrial Logic

"ProjectCards is a great tool for distributed teams [...]

It's client/server, but the real time updates are just so addictive."

- Cory Foy

Cory Foy LLC

"We found ProjectCards extremely useful in planning our small project. If I were to end up in another Eclipse-based project"[...]

"I'd certainly recommend we use ProjectCards"

- James Tillman

Elections by the People

"[Projectcards] allowed for a geographically diverse group to maintain and control our backlog in real-time."[...]

"This tool is just fun to use"

- Scotty Bevill

Bevill Edge



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Enables Agile teams to be in control of their success

Jump starts Agile teams

ProjectCards fits your Agile process


The ProjectCards Dashboard

Use our dashboard in order to monitor your sprint. Comes with "Todo", "In Progress" and "Done" columns and an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you to change a card's status on the fly.

The ProjectCards Taskboard

The Taskboard clearly displays all the cards in the current iteration and lists the tasks which need to be accomplished. Use drag and drop to change the status of the tasks.

ProjectCards' planning board

Use drag and drop to classify your user stories by themes (features) and then plan your project. Use it to share this information amongst all of your project's required actors : the product owner, the project manager, the development team, the quality assurance team, management and even customers. (Guest(read-only) user licenses are unlimited and FREE!).

ProjectCards' burndown chart

Keep track of your sprint, your release and even you entire project's health status with ProjectCards' burndown chart.

ProjectCards' card editor

Edit your user stories task on the fly using our simple to use card editor

Acceptance tests / Condition of sucess

Specify your users story's conditions of success(C.O.S.) and/or required acceptance tests easily.

ProjectCards as an Eclipse plugin

As an integrated Eclipse plug-in, ProjectCards can be run at every every developer's workstation, right in the IDE they know and love.

ProjectCards' custom fields

Use ProjectCards' custom fields to match your particular project needs. There is no limit on the number of fields you can add to your project, and there are a ton of usefull field types to choose from.

ProjectCards' configurable user roles

Use ProjectCards' project-by-project role-based user authorization schema to secure the access to your data. Assign each user a built-in role or build your own custom roles using our simple function list.



Some of our customers

Carfax Harvard Business School Illinois Regional Agile User Group John Deere Industrial Logic GE Healthcare Missouri house of representatives Mitre Matricis Informatique Sellafield Ltd Nielsen Kaiser Permanente Assurant CCH XPIENT